Performing an online update from LCOS FX 10.4.3 to 10.5.x on a Unified Firewall has been known to fail on occasion.

This article describes the steps to take in order to perform an online update successfully.

An alternative to the online update is to reinstall from a USB stick. A backup of the configuration can also be stored to the USB stick so that the Unified Firewall is ready to operate immediately after the update.

General information about the online update:

The online update can take some time as the update file and an ISO file of version 10.4.3 for the restore point have to be downloaded from the Internet.

The Unified Firewall will restart twice in total. It is ready for operation after the second restart.

Do not disconnect the Unified Firewall from the power supply or disconnect the network connection during the update. Otherwise the Unified Firewall may stop functioning and you would have to perform a reinstallation from USB stick.

Option 1: Using update URL(s) with HTTPS

LCOS FX 10.4 does not support update URLs with HTTPS. Any attempt to use an update URL with HTTPS will fail as the update server cannot be contacted.

1) Connect to the web interface of the Unified Firewall and navigate to the menu Firewall → Updates settings.

2) Switch to the tab Settings and make sure that the Update server is not set with a URL that uses HTTPS.

Use the following update URL:

Option 2: Multiple Internet connections are used

Performing the online update requires two files to be downloaded: the update to version 10.5 and the ISO version 10.4.3 file for the recovery point. If the update to version 10.5 downloads faster than the ISO file (e.g. because of a faster Internet connection), the download of the ISO file will be aborted.

1.1) Temporarily disable all Internet connections except for one and then perform the online update.

1.2) To do this, navigate to the menu Network → Connections → Network Connections and edit the Internet connection that you want to deactivate by clicking on the pencil icon.

1.3) Operate the slider button and click on Save.

1.4) Repeat the steps 1.1 and 1.2 for further Internet connections, if necessary.

1.5) After the online update is complete, activate the Internet connections again.

Option 3: The working memory of the Unified Firewall overflows during the online update

1) In the configuration of the Unified Firewall, deactivate all of the UTM functions used.

2) Then restart the Unified Firewall.

3) Carry out the online update after restarting the Unified Firewall.

Option 4: The update service of the Unified Firewall times out after 5 minutes

Please contact LANCOM Support in this case.