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This document describes how to transfer NMEA data via the COM port of a 3G-capable LANCOM router, what is required for this, and the configurations steps involved.

What is NMEA data?

NMEA stands for National Marine Electronics Association and describes a standard for communications between GPS receivers and PCs or mobile terminals. A navigation and map-based program can determine geographic location using NMEA data received from a GPS device.

  • A 3G-capable LANCOM router (e.g. LANCOM 1751 UMTS, LANCOM 1780EW-3G, IAP-3G, IAP-321-3G).
  • The latest LCOS firmware (download)
  • The latest LANtools (download)
  • Appropriate software is required to emulate a virtual serial COM port and to read out the NMEA data such as as Eterlogic VSPE or VisualGPS.
  • The GPS module must be active and the GPS signal at the current location must be sufficiently strong.
  • The SIM card required for operation must be inserted and logged in to the mobile telephone network.
  • A suitable GPS antenna must be connected to the device's AUX port.


You must open LANmonitor and integrate your LANCOM router in order to ascertain which module you have in your LANCOM device

You can find the module designation under System Information -> Interfaces -> UMTS/GPRS:

Configuring the GPS module:

Activate the GPS module under Configure -> Management -> GPS -> GPS module activated.

Configuring the device port and network interface:

1) Create a new device type in the LCOS menu tree -> Setup -> COM ports-> Devices -> Add.

2) Click on the Send button to accept your configuration.

3) Open the LCOS menu tree -> Setup -> COM ports -> COM-port server -> Operational and select Add to add device type GPS-NMEA. Set the option Operating to Yes.

4) Click on the Send button to accept your configuration.

5) Edit the COM port settings under LCOS menu tree -> Setup -> COM ports -> COM-port server -> COM-port settings -> Add.

It is important here that the 'Ready condition' is set to 'Data'.

6) Click on the Send button to accept your configuration.

7) In order to configure the network interfaces, select LCOS menu tree -> Setup -> COM ports -> COM-port server -> Network settings.

Click on Add and under device type select GPS-NMEA. The listen port is freely selectable but the port selected for the LANCOM device must match the one for the virtual COM-port client.

The default values can be accepted for the other settings.

Configuring the client:

This step depends on the client software used. This example is based on the Eterlogic VSPE application.

This tool is freeware. You can obtain the software from

Software for reading out NMEA data:

You can obtain suitable software for reading out NMEA data for example at (freeware).