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Timeframe settings
Specify the timeframe for the profile. The timeframes ALWAYS and NEVER are predefined. You can configure additional timeframes via LANconfig in the menu Date/time → General → Timeframes.
One profile may contain several lines with different timeframes. Different lines in a timeframe should complement one another, i.e. if you specify WORKTIME you will should probably specify a timeframe called FREETIME to cover the time outside of working hours.
You can form a time schedule by defining different times extending over several lines:

The timeframe that you configure can be selected for use by a certain Content Filter profile. The following screenshot shows an example for a Content Filter profile named Work.

The category profile Work_Categories applies during working hours (7:01-12:00 and 14:01-17:00 from Monday to Friday) and the category profile Basic_Categories during free time (00:00-07:00, 12:01-14:00 and 17:01-23:59 Monday through Friday, as well as 00:00-23:59 on Saturday, Sunday and public holidays).

The start and finish times include the minute defined, i.e. 08:00-08:00 would be a period of one minute, and 0:00 - 23:59 covers the complete day including the final minute before midnight.