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With LANCOM Fully Managed Access Switches (LANCOM GS-23xx series, LANCOM GS-31xx series, LANCOM GS-35xx series) it can occasionally happen that they lose their connection to the LANCOM Management Cloud (LMC) when in the configuration the devices the DHCP client is activated in the System → IPv4 menu and a static IP address has been assigned to the switch beforehand.

It usually takes between one and 30 minutes to break the connection.

Procedure for resolving the disconnection:

1. Open the Detail configuration of the switch in the LMC and switch to the menu Configuration → LMC.

2. Disable the option DHCP-Client-Auto-Renew.

3. Save the setting with Save and roll out.

In the LANCOM Management Cloud, the disconnection can currently be remedied with an LMC add-in, which assigns the switch a fixed IP address and switches off the DHCP client.

In an upcoming LMC release, it will be possible to assign a fixed IP address to all switches and thus to correct the behavior in the detailed configuration of the devices.