This document describes the syntax used by the TESTMAIL command when using a SSH session to troubleshoot e-mail problems.

The Testmail command:

The command TESTMAIL is available on the LANCOM when using the SSH console. It causes the LANCOM to send an e-mail with pre-defined content to a receiving address, and is useful for testing the e-mail configuration of the LANCOM router.


The TESTMAIL command is composed of:

testmail <SENDER> <RECIPIENT> <Sender_name> <Subject_line> <Body text>

  • <SENDER> is the sender's e-mail address. If * is entered here, the sender address configured in the router will be used. Please note that most mail providers check the validity of the address.
  • <RECIPIENT> is the recipient's e-mail address. Multiple recipients can be specified using commas (without spaces).
  • <Sender_name> is the name of the sender and is freely definable. Spaces are not allowed.
  • <Subject_line> is freely definable. The subject line must not contain spaces
  • <Body text> is the text of the e-mail. Here you can enter any text, including spaces.

Testing the e-mail settings with LANconfig:

You can test the settings without a SSH session by using a script instead. This can be uploaded with LANconfig.

A sample script file is attached. All you have to do is to use a text editor and replace the variables named above. Using LANconfig, you can upload this file to the device and activate the script to send a test e-mail.