This document describes possible methods of switching an existing ADSL Internet connection over to a VDSL Internet connection

  • The latest versions of LCOS and of LANtools (LANconfig and LANmonitor)
  • You can find the latest version of LCOS for your LANCOM router here.
  • The latest LANtools are available here.
  • A VDSL connection by external VDSL modem (for LANCOM routers without integrated VDSL modem)

Setting up the VDSL connection with the LANCOM 1781VA (device with integrated VDSL modem):

1. Launch the Setup Wizard for the device and select option Set up Internet access.

2. Select if you want to set up an IPv4 or IPv6 connection.

3. Select the integrated VDSL modem of the LANCOM 1681V.

4. Select your country.

5. Select your Internet provider.

6. Enter a name for your Internet connection.

7. Enter your account data.

8. Select if your internet connection is time-based or a flat rate.

9. Proceed with the default settings.

10. Set whether you want a backup connection or not. In this example we have no backup.

11. Close the wizard with Finish. The data is now transferred to the router.

Procedure for devices without integrated VDSL modem:

Exporting login credentials as a script:

When a connection is switched to VDSL, login credentials generally remain the same. If you do not have your login credentials to hand, you can export them from the LANCOM router to a script file. Once the DSL connection has been switched over, you can then import this script file into the LANCOM router or read the login credentials from the file.

1. Click with the right-hand mouse button on the LANCOM router and select Configuration management -> Save script as file...

2. Enter a file name and enter the path Setup/WAN/PPP in the field Download only selected sections.

3. Then click on Save.

4. The entries from the LANCOM router's PPP list have now been saved to the script file. The figure below shows where you can find the password for Internet access (1) and the user ID (2) in the script.

Method 1:

Remove the previous ADSL Internet connection from the LANCOM device's configuration and then set up the new VDSL connection using the Setup Wizard.

1. Launch the Setup Wizard and select option Remove remote site or access.

2. In the dialog window that follows, select the DSL remote site to be removed.

3. Confirm the following dialogs with Next.

3. Select Finish to accept the modifications and to save them to the LANCOM router.

4. If you exported your access information to a script file you can import it from the file and use it to set up the VDSL connection.

5. Attach the VDSL modem to a free Ethernet port on the LANCOM device and configure the VDSL connection following the instructions in the following document: Dokumentlinksymbol

Method 2:

Manual modification of the configuration in the LANCOM configuration dialog:

1. Attach the external VDSL modem to one of the Ethernet ports on the LANCOM router. In this example we will be operating the modem on ETH 2.

2. In the LANCOM router's configuration dialog, openConfiguration: Communication -> Communication layers and select the entry for your existing Internet connection. Change the configuration for Encapsulation and Layer-1 as illustrated below:

3. In the LANCOM router's configuration dialog, openConfiguration: Communication -> Remote sites -> Remote sites (DSL) and select the entry for your previous Internet connection. Add the VLAN ID given to you by your provider to the existing entry (in this example 7).

4. Because we connected the external VDSL modem to Ethernet connection 2 (ETH 2), we now have to configure this WAN port. To do this, openConfiguration: Interfaces -> LAN -> Ethernet ports -> ETH2 and set Interface usageto DSL-1.

5. Switch to Configuration: Interfaces -> WAN -> Interface settings -> DSL-1 and enable the interface.