The outdoor devices LANCOM OAP-3G and LANCOM OAP-321-3G are highly suitable for installing temporary networks, because their 3G connectivity provides an Internet connection at any site even without a cabled connection. If there is no power outlet in the area, a mobile power supply such as a battery pack can be connected via the device's universal power adapter.

Being able to monitor the charge status of the battery is a major help in ensuring that the OAP functions reliably and does not unexpectedly fail. The administrator can easily monitor the power supply remotely with the "Digital Voltmeter" in LANmonitor. Administrators using Syslog additionally receive alerts about low battery levels.

This document describes how you can monitor a mobile power supply with LANmonitor and configure Syslog alerts.

  • Functional Internet connection via UMTS/3G via the LANCOM OAP-3G or OAP-321-3G.
    You can find out how to set up an Internet connection via UMTS/3G in the following KnowledgeBase document .
  • In order for the remote access via LANmonitor to be conducted via a secured connection, we recommend that you use a VPN connection to the LANCOM OAP-3G or OAP-321-3G.
    You can find out how to set up a VPN connection via UMTS/3G in the following KnowledgeBase document .


A company would like to monitor their outdoor premises by video camera. This is to be implemented with a LANCOM OAP-3G router in combination with an Ethernet-enabled video camera.

Since the outdoor premises have no power sockets and because the video surveillance is to be flexible, a mobile power supply (e.g. a 12 V car battery) is to be used as the power source.

The charge state of the car battery is to be monitored from the company building by means of LANmonitor. As soon as the charge reaches the lower limit of 10 volts, a Syslog alert is to be issued.


1) Configuring the Syslog alert:

For more information about the Syslog functionality in LANCOM routers, please read the following KnowledgeBase document .

1.1) In LANconfig, open the configuration for the LANCOM router and navigate to the menu item Configuration -> Log & trace -> System events -> SYSLOG -> SYSLOG servers.

1.2) Configure an entry where for Source the parameter System is activated and for Priority the option Error is enabled. These settings cause a Syslog alert to be issued if the minimum voltage reaches 10 V or less (see configuration step 2.5).

2) Checking the current battery-charge state with the digital voltmeter function in LANmonitor:

2.1) In LANconfig, right-click on the LANCOM router and select the option Setup Wizard. The device is loaded into the LANmonitor.

2.2) The digital voltmeter for monitoring the power supply is to be found in the path System information -> Device: LANCOM OAP-3G -> Input voltage.

2.3) Should the value for the input voltage below the minimum of 10 volts, a red exclamation mark is displayed as a warning.

2.4) Because a Syslog alert was configured in configuration step 1, the alert message that is generated can be viewed in the menu Device -> View Syslog.