To improve clarity, the functions ePaper, Bluetooth/BLE and iBeacon were consolidated under the CLI path /Setup/IoT on LN-170x access points as well as devices which support the Wireless ePaper USB.

The CLI path for ePaper is /Setup/IoT/Wireless-ePaper (SNMP-OID 2.111.88).

The following devices are affected:

  • LN-1700B
  • LN-1702B
  • LN-1700UE
  • LN-830U
  • 1631E
  • 1640E
  • 1781x Serie
  • 1783VA und 1783VAW
  • 1793VA und 1793VAW
  • 1790EF, 1790VA und 1790VAW 
  • 1784VA
  • 190x Serie
  • 88x VoIP
  • R800V
  • R883+
  • R883VAW
  • R884VA
  • WLC-4006+

For the following access points with ePaper radio module the old CLI path /Setup/Wireless-ePaper (SNMP-OID 2.88)  was kept due to compatibility reasons.

  • L-151E Wireless
  • L-322E Wireless
  • LN-830E Wireless
  • LN-830E+ Wireless