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This document describes how to migrate an existing installation of the LANCOM Wireless ePaper Server from Oracle Java JRE to openJDK.

  • LANCOM Wireless ePaper Server as of version 1.91 (download)


1. Download OpenJDK from following URL:

2. Unzip the file to a Directory on the HDD (e.g. C:\Program Files\OpenJDK).

3. Add the Java Path to environmental Variable
  • Open System Panel -> System and Security -> System -> Advanced Settings.
  • Go to "Advanced" tab and click to "Environmental Variables".
  • Search variable "Path" and click to edit.
  • At the end of the field "Variable value" add the path to OpenJDK bin folder, e.g. ;C:\Program Files\OpenJDK\bin.

4. Check the Java version on command line with command "java -version".