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This document describes how you can link LANconfig with an external SSH client. The example uses the the PuTTY application as the SSH client.



1) Install the PuTTY software on your system.

2) Launch PuTTY and customize the program's default settings.
  • In this example PuTTY is to establish an SSH connection by default.

    For this reason the SSH option is activated and saved to the Default Settings using the Save button.
  • Logging is to be performed at all times and saved to a file.

    For this reason the scope of logging is set in the Logging menu together with the path for the log file.

    If you add the variables &H &D &M &Y &T to the file name, the IP address of the device where the SSH session is recorded will be added to the name together with date and time (e.g. putty_192.168.66.4_30012015_143845.log).
  • It is also useful to define a keepalive to prevent the SSH session from being deactivated when no entries are made.

  • Once you have made your desired default settings, you must save them once more in the Default Settings profile using the Save button.

3) Launch LANconfig and open dialog Tools -> Options.

4) You can link PuTTY with LANconfig in the Extras menu.
    This approach only works if you use the administrator "root".

    If you have set up an additional administrator and you want to start the SSH session from this account, please follow the configuration step 5 .

You can also specify parameters that are to be passed to the external program. The following predefined identifiers will be expanded before the program is called:
  • %a IP address of the selected device
  • %s SSH port of the selected device
  • %h FQDN of the device if one was used, otherwise the same as %a
  • %m Physical (MAC) address of the device
  • %n Name of the device
  • %p Stored password of the device
  • %u Stored administrator of the device

Enclose the program file name in quotation marks if it contains blanks.

The external call for an existing PuTTY installation could be as follows:

"C:\Program Files\Putty\putty.exe -ssh root@%h -pw %p -P %s"

5) In case you have set up one or more administrator user accounts with which you would also like to establish the SSH session, please proceed as follows:

    5.1) Save the file PuttyParams.cmd on your PC and copy it into the installation directory for Putty :


    5.2) Open the Windows File Explorer and create a shortcut with a right-hand mouse click on the file PuttyParams.cmd .

    5.3) For the Shortcut enter the name PuttyParams.cmd .

    5.4) Open the Properties of the shortcut and set the Run parameter to Minimized .

    5.5) Launch LANconfig and open the dialog Tools -> Options .

    5.6) You can link PuTTY with LANconfig in the Extras menu.

    In the field SSH client enter the following line:

    "C:\<Putty-installation-directory>\PuttyParams.cmd.lnk" %h pass:%p admin:%u port:%s

    e.g., "C:\Program Files\Putty\PuttyParams.cmd.lnk" %h pass:%p admin:%u port:%s