The LANCOM Advanced VPN Client as of software version 2.32 RU1 (build 218) has an option to deactivate the license, so that this can be used to activate the VPN client software on a different system.

The licenses for the LANCOM Advanced VPN Client are single licenses and may only be activated and operated on one system at a time. The deactivation feature of the Advanced VPN Client offers you a convenient way to deactivate a license on a system that is no longer in use and to activate it again on a new system.



1) Deactivate the license while uninstalling the LANCOM Advanced VPN Client

1.1) When you uninstall an activated LANCOM Advanced VPN Client from your system, you will receive the following message when you start to uninstall:

1.2) Click on the Yes button to start the Deactivation Wizard.

1.3) Start the deactivation with the Next button.

1.4) Enter your information into the following dialog. Your name and e-mail address are required. A company name is optional.

1.5) If the license data is transferred successfully to the activation server, this will be confirmed with a message.

1.6) After successfully deactivating a license, you will receive an e-mail of confirmation containing a link and the license data of the deactivated license.

1.7) Click the link in the confirmation e-mail to complete the deactivation.

2) Deactivate the license without uninstalling the LANCOM Advanced VPN Client

2.1) In the Help menu, click on the menu item Deactivate Client.

2.2) Follow the instructions for the Deactivation Wizard as of step 1.3.

    The LANCOM Advanced VPN Client stops functioning after being deactivated.

    The LANCOM Advanced VPN Client retains the license data until it is uninstalled. Even after you deactivate the VPN client, you can still look up the license data (under Help -> License data and activation ), save it, or reactivate the VPN client.