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If you perform an update to LCOS to version 9.10 or later and the logical interface assignment for your LANCOM device under the menu item IPv4 -> General-> IP networks is set to "Any", LCOS will convert the configuration in the following manner:
  • For LANCOM routers without a LAN bridge, the setting "Any" is changed to "LAN-1", assuming that all physical ETH ports are set to LAN-1
  • For LANCOM devices with a LAN bridge (i.e. WLAN devices and WLCs), the setting "Any" is changed to "BRG-1"

    As for devices with LAN bridge the interfaces (for example, LAN 1-4) can be combined in a bridge group, this is the same as having to the removed Any setting.

If your configuration differs from the above cases, the deletion of this parameter means that you cannot write a modified configuration back to the device. If this is the case, you should proceed as outlined below:

    1) When trying to write a changed configuration to the device, you see the following error message . Click on the Yes button to correct the erroneous parameter in the configuration of the device.

    2) The menu containing the erroneous parameter opens automatically ( Configuration -> IPv4 -> General -> IP networks ).

    3) In the configuration dialog of the IP network INTRANET , you will find the value "Any (not supportted anymore) " replacing the former "Any" parameter that is no longer supported by LCOS 9.10 .

    4) Correct this setting by assigning a fixed logical interface to the IP network INTRANET .

      The selected logical interfaces (LAN-1, LAN-2) must also be assigned to (at least) one physical Ethernet port (ETH-1, ETH-2, etc.). You can check and change this (if required) in the menu Interfaces -> LAN -> Ethernet ports .

    5) In this case, the logical interface LAN-1 is assigned to the INTRANET network.

    6) Correct any other erroneous interface assignments in the list of IP networks . In this example, the interface assignment for the IP network DMZ needs to be corrected as well .

    7) In this case, the logical interface LAN-2 is assigned to the DMZ network.

    8) When all logical interface assignments are corrected, you can write the configuration of the LANCOM router back to the device without problem.