Up until the LCOS version LCOS 10.12 the following settings were available for WAN tag generation.
  • Manual (default):
    With this setting, the interface tags are determined solely by an entry in the tag table. The routing table has no significance in the assignment of interfaces tags.
  • Automatic:
    With this setting, the interface tags are determined initially by an entry in the Tag table. If no matching entry is located there, the tag is determined based on the routing table.

    WAN tag creation defines the source for the assignment of interface tags. Besides assignment via the firewall or direct assignment via the tag table, the interface tag can also be selected based on the source route in the effective routing table (static routing entries plus routes learned via RIP).

    The routing information is compared with the source IP and the name of the remote site used to establish the IP connection.

    Using the command prompt this setting was located in the path /Setup/IP-Router/WAN-Tag-Creation .

Starting with LCOS version 10.20, there is no longer an option to generate WAN tags automatically:
  • If your configuration uses the “Automatic” setting, a firmware update to LCOS version 10.20 automatically runs a configuration converter that creates new entries in the WAN tag table.
  • The configuration converter checks the IP routing table for routes that have tags and enters these into the WAN tag table.

If routing tags, WAN interfaces, VPN etc. are to be used, then as of LCOS Version 10.20 you have to create explicit entries in the WAN tag table.