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Since the DNS server and the DNS forwarder aren't needed in a WLAN-Controller scenario on a managed access point, an access point with LCOS as of version 10.50 deactivates these settings after obtaining a WLAN profile from the WLAN-Controller. The DNS client in the access point remains functional, if the IP address and a DNS server were obtained via DHCP. Therefore a DNS request to the address WLC-Address can be sent.

In this case the messages Disable DNS forwarding and Disable DNS server are displayed in a CAPWAP-CTRL trace as well as in the status table ls Status/WLAN-Management/Log-Table/ on the access point.

The DNS-Server and the DNS-Forwarder are also deactivated, if only one WiFi module (on Dual radio access points) is operated in Managed mode and the other one in mode Access point.

The DNS-Server and the DNS-Forwarder aren't deactivated on a managed WiFi router.

Impact on manual IP address onfiguration on an access point:

If an IP address was assigned manually in the access Point configuration (instead of assigning an IP address via DHCP) and a DNS forwarding was configured to enable DNS resolution, as of LCOS 10.50 no DNS resolution will be possible.

In this case a DNS server has to be entered as Primary DNS in the access point configuration in the menu IPv4 → General → Addresses as a workaround to enable DNS resolution.