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From LCOS version 10.20, access to the table Configuration -> Management -> Admin -> Further administrators is only possible for the root administrator.

This is no longer possible for other administrators configured in this table, even if their ‘Access rights’ are configured as "All".

On the CLI, this change means that the table is no longer visible to other administrators. Reading out the file with "readscript" is also no longer possible. If another administrator tries to access the table with a script, the corresponding script lines are not executed and a "Script Error" is issued.

The cron table works with the user configured for it, meaning that if the commands "loadconfig/loadscript" are executed via the cron table, they will only be able to read the configuration completely if they are run with the root administrator.

The table is still displayed in LANconfig, but it is shown as empty if accessed by another administrator. Changes are not written back to the device.

SNMP access (read/write) to this table has been deprecated as a part of this feature.