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As of LCOS version 10.20, RADIUS user data can be imported or exported by means of a CSV file.



1) Exporting RADIUS user data to a CSV file:

1.1) Open the configuration for the LANCOM router in WEBconfig and switch to the menu item Extras -> Export RADIUS users.

1.2) In the following dialog, specify whether you want to open the file “users.csv” immediately or save it on the PC.

2) Importing RADIUS user data from a CSV file:

2.1) Perform an export of RADIUS user data to a CSV file as described in section 1) to get the correct header with the database field identifiers.

2.2) Create a CSV import file with a header containing the correct database field identifiers as determined in the previous step. The import file does not have to contain all the columns.

2.3) Switch to the menu item Extras -> Import RADIUS users.

2.4) Use Choose file to select the CSV file to be imported.

2.5) Specify the CSV separator. By default this is preset to “;”.

2.6) Click the button Start upload.

2.7) Check that the columns detected in the CSV file are correctly aligned with the supported columns.

You can adjust the alignment in this dialog. No adjustment should be necessary if you used the column names from the previously exported CSV file.

2.8) Click Start import to complete the process and accept the user data.