From LCOS version 10.20, unencrypted connection requests received by WEBconfig are automatically switched to encrypted HTTPS connections.

This improves the security when the user wishes to configure the LANCOM device via WEBconfig and enters the IP address or name into the browser address bar. The browser would normally establish an unencrypted HTTP connection.

The usual way to establish an encrypted HTTPS connection is to explicitly enter the prefix https:// into the browser. This change makes it easier to enter the address and, at the same time, confidential data such as the login password or the configuration itself are secured by the encrypted connection.



If a LANCOM router, which works with an LCOS version as of 10.20, is in the delivery state, automatic redirection of WEBconfig access to HTTPS is activated by default.

For devices with existing configurations, the function is not automatically activated after a firmware update to LCOS as of version 10.20, but must be switched on manually in the configuration:
    1. Open the configuration in LANconfig and go to Management -> Admin -> Management protocols -> Ports .

    2. Enable the Automatic redirect to HTTPS.

    3. Write the configuration back to the device.