In LCOS LX 5.20 amonst other things WLAN controller support as well as LEPS-MAC have been introduced. When configuring the new features several important details have to be considered.

This article contains important details regarding the configuration of the new features.


WLAN management with WLC: Operating mode

On access points with LCOS LX there is no switch to change the operation mode between "Standalone" and "Managed by a WLAN controller" for individual radio modules. Instead the WLAN controller support can only be activated or deactivated globally in the menu Wireless-LAN → WLC via the switch Operating with WLC.

If the access point should be configured manually, the switch Operating with WLC has to be set to No.

If the access point is connected to the LMC and receives a WLAN profile, the switch Operating with WLC is set to No automatically by the LMC.

Informations on the supported WLC features are available in this knowledge base document.

WLAN management with WLC: No unencrypted Control channel

Access points with LCOS LX don't support an unencrypted Control channel. Therefore the Control channel encryption in the WLAN controller has to be set to Default or DTLS for the LCOS LX access points in the menu WLAN Controller → AP Configuration → Access point table. This applies for separate profiles as well as the default profile ff:ff:ff:ff:ff:ff.   

The entry Default is set to DTLS ex factory. This setting can be verified or changed via WEBconfig or the CLI.

Extras → LCOS Menu Tree→ Setup → WLAN-Management → AP-Configuration → Control-Connection-Encryption-default


LEPS-MAC: Format of the MAC address

When configuring LEPS-MAC via LANconfig in the menu Wireless-LAN → Stations/LEPS → Users the MAC address has to be entered in the format aa:bb:cc:dd:ee:ff

The same format has to be used when configuring this feature via the CLI.