This document describes how to configure the dynamic DNS service of Strato when using LCMS version 9.10 or later.

    Instructions for configuring the DynDNS service of Strato with LCMS up to version 9.04 can be found in the following knowledge base document .

  • LANtools version 9.10 or later (download)


1) Start the Setup Wizard in LANconfig and select the option Configure Dynamic DNS.

2) Select as the dynamic DNS provider.

3) In the next dialog, select the Internet remote site with an IP address that requires dynamic updating.

4) Enter the domain name and the login data.

5) Click on Finish to complete the Setup Wizard and to write the configuration to the LANCOM router.

    In the configuration of the LANCOM router, the Dynamic DNS settings are stored in the menu Communication -> General -> Action table .