With the LCOS version 10.40 there was a change in the SNMPv3 engine ID. As a result, LANCOM devices on which an LCOS version 10.3x or smaller is installed are rejected when loading via SNMPv3 into the LANmonitor with the following message if the user account of the root user is used:

Entering the device access data again does not correct the behavior in this case.

Workaround to solve the behaviour:

Perform a cold start on the affected device. After the cold start, the device can then be reached again in the LANmonitor.

1. Cold start from the command line:

1.1 Open an SSH session for the device (e.g. with putty) and enter the following command at the prompt:

do /other/cold-boot

1.2 The device then restarts.

2. Cold start via WEBconfig:

2.1 Open WEBconfig and switch to the menu LCOS menu tree → Other.

2.2 Select the cold start function and click on Run in the window that opens.

2.3 The device then restarts.

If this behavior occurs when using a specially created SNMP user account, then you must set the authentication and encryption settings of this user to HMAC-SHA256 and AES256. You can do this via LANconfig in the Messages/Monitoring → SNMP Settings → User menu.

The device does not need to be cold started.