Windows Server 2012 and higher allow you to combine up to 32 network cards into a "team" to increase reliability and improve performance.

With LANconfig installed on a Windows server of this type, LANconfig may sporadically be unable to access a LANCOM router or access point.

Solution up to and including LCOS 10.12:

You need to check the setting in the LANCOM of the option IP router -> General -> Transfer packets from internal services via the router.

This option is disabled by default. Enabling this option helps to eliminate the access problem permanently.

    Information about the option "Transfer packets from internal services via the router":

    By default, local services always bypass the router. Acknowledgments are always returned directly to the MAC address where the request originated.

    With the option disabled, packets will then be sent not directly to the MAC address of the sender but via the router, provided that an appropriate route to the sender has been configured.

    With local communications, this triggers a new ARP resolution, which is decisive in this case.

Solution as of LCOS 10.20:

When using the Teaming mode Switch Independent on a Windows server it is not sufficient to activate the option Transfer packets from internal services via the router as of LCOS 10.20.

Beside the problems accessing the router there are also communiciation problems when the router serves as the internet gateway.

LANCOM Systems is currently working on a solution in the LCOS (as of March 2019).

Currently there are two Workarounds:

1. Changing the Teaming mode in Windows server to LACP. Albeit this also has to be supported by the switch.

2. Firmware downgrade to LCOS 10.12 and activating the function Transfer packets from internal services via the router.