With LANCOM devices of the R88x series (e.g. LANCOM R884VA) it can happen that after a firmware update to LCOS 10.32.024 the writing back of a configuration with LANconfig no longer works properly and the error value "Axess Update parameters" is output.

Workaround to eliminate behavior:

1. It is still possible to configure the device via WEBconfig.

1.1 Open a web browser and enter the local IP address of your LANCOM R88x in the address bar.

In the standard, this is the address

If the local IP address of the LANCOM router deviates from the standard, you can find it in the command line of your Windows PC with the command "ipconfig". After entering the command, use the specified IP address of your standard gateway.

1.2 After entering the access data, you can configure the device.

The behavior described will be fixed in an upcoming LCOS version.