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The growing number of power-hungry end devices and applications is driving the demand for high-performance nodes in multi-tier networks. The LANCOM XS-6128QF is especially designed to operate as an aggregation switch in hierarchical switch infrastructures transporting very high data volumes. With a maximum switch capacity of 1 Terabit, the device operates either as a core switch in two-tier networks or as a distribution switch in three-tier networks. Its idiosyncratic and yet innovative design—characterized by the use exclusively industry-standard interfaces, the availability of all ports without an expensive modular construction, and the use of combo and FleX ports—facilitates the cost-effective implementation of multi-Gigabit infrastructures.

The techpaper describes how the innovative design of the LANCOM XS-6128QF helps you to address a wide variety of port and network requirements.

After a look at the basic specifications of the LANCOM XS-6128QF, the techpaper goes on to examine advanced application scenarios and in particular highlights the outstanding versatility of this aggregation switch: Based on four configurable board types, it allows six different port configurations without the need to purchase or exchange expensive modules.

For readers not familiar with technical terms used in the techpaper, we recommend the extensive techpaper “Hierarchical switch infrastructures”.