In order to avoid harming yourself, third parties or your equipment when installing your LANCOM device, please observe the following safety instructions. Operate the device only as described in the accompanying documentation. Pay particular attention to all warnings and safety instructions. Use only those third-party devices and components that are recommended or approved by LANCOM Systems.

Before commissioning the device, be sure to study the Quick Reference Guide supplied with the hardware. These can also be downloaded from the LANCOM website (

Any warranty and liability claims against LANCOM Systems are excluded following any usage other than the intended use described below.


LANCOM devices should only be operated when the following environmental requirements are met:

  • Ensure that you comply with the temperature and humidity ranges specified in the Quick Reference Guide for the LANCOM device.
  • Do not expose the device to direct sunlight.
  • Ensure that there is adequate air circulation and do not obstruct the ventilation slots.
  • Do not cover devices or stack them on top of one another
  • The device must be mounted so that it is freely accessible (for example, it should be accessible without the use of technical aids such as elevating platforms); a permanent installation (e.g. under plaster) is not permitted.


  • Make sure that one rack slot is left free above and below for air circulation when installing the device in a rack.
  • Make sure the twisted-pair Ethernet cable is always routed away from power lines, radios, transmitters or any other electrical interference.
  • Make sure that the switch is connected to a separate grounded power outlet that provides 100 to 240VAC, 50 to 60Hz.

Power supply:

Please observe the following before installation, as improper use can lead to personal injury and damage to property, as well as voiding the warranty:

  • Use only the power adapter / IEC power cable mentioned in the Quick Reference Guide.
  • Some models can be powered via the Ethernet cable (Power-over-Ethernet, PoE). Please observe the relevant instructions in the Quick Reference Guide for the device.
  • Never operate damaged components.
  • Turn the device on only if the housing is closed.
  • The device must not be installed during thunderstorms and should be disconnected from the power supply during thunderstorms.
  • In emergency situations (e.g. in the case of damage, ingress of liquids or objects, for example through the ventilation slots), the power supply must be disconnected immediately.
  • Operate the device only with a professionally installed power supply at an any time accessible power outlet.


  • The device may only be used in accordance with the relevant national regulations and under consideration of the legal situation applicable there.
  • The equipment must not be used for the actuation, control, and data transmission of machinery that, in case of malfunction or failure, may present a danger to life and limb, nor for the operation of critical infra-structures such as power plants.

General safety:

  • Under no circumstances should the device housing be opened and the device repaired without authorization. Any device with a case that has been opened is excluded from the warranty.
  • Notes on the individual interfaces, switches, and displays on your device are available in the supplied Quick Reference Guide.
  • Mounting, installation, and commissioning of the device may only be carried out by qualified personnel.