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If you have updated the firmware from LCOS LX 4.00 to LCOS LX 5.10 and you wish to operate the SNMPv3 protocol as the standard “root” user on the LANCOM LW-500 (for example, with LANmonitor), you will have to reconfigure the main device password.

This can be done using WEBconfig, LANconfig, or the command-line interface of the device.

There is no need to configure a main device password that is different from the previous one. However, it is important for the password to be written to the device again: in order to be used with SNMPv3, the password has to be stored to the device as a hash value that is compatible with SNMPv3.

This procedure is only necessary once when updating from LCOS LX 4.00 to a higher version. It is no longer necessary for future upgrades.


1. WEBconfig:

1.1) Log in to WEBconfig using the “root” user account.

1.2) Open the security settings and enter the current main device password, and enter the (new) main device password twice.

1.3.) Click on Accept.

2. LANconfig:

2.1) Open the configuration as the “root” user and switch to the menu Management → Admin,

2.2) Enter the (new) main device password.


2.3) You can now write the configuration back to the device.

3. Command prompt:

3.1) Log in using the “root” user account.

3.2) Enter the command passwd and confirm with the [Enter] key.

3.3) You will be asked to enter your current password. Type it in and confirm with [Enter].

3.4) In the next step you have the option to set a (new) root password. By repeating the same entry, the password will be changed.