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This document describes the configuration required on a LANCOM managed switch of the GS-23xx series in order to configure a voice VLAN and automatically assign it to an IP telephone by means of OUI address.

An OUI address consists of the first 24 bits of a MAC address. This is the manufacturer ID assigned by the IEEE. For LANCOM devices the OUI 00 is 00:A0:57.

  • LANCOM switch of the GS-23xx series with current LCOS SX version (download latest version)
  • The VoIP telephone has to be configured to tag packets with the Voice VLAN ID (active tagging) 

  • In this example, the voice VLAN has the ID 80.
  • The Voice VLAN is activated on the switch port automatically, when a VoIP telephone is connected and recognized by the OUI.

1. Navigate to the menu Configuration → VLAN → Membership.
  • Add the VLAN 80 and assign a descriptive name.
  • For Port Members choose the designated router port.

2. Navigate to the menu Configuration Voice VLAN → OUI and add the OUI of your SIP telephone if necessary.
3. Switch to the menu Configuration → Voice VLAN → Configuration.
  • Activate the Voice VLAN by setting the Mode to Enabled.
  • Add the VLAN-ID 80.
  • For the designated router port assign the Mode Forced. As Discovery Protocol assign OUI in the dropdown menu.
  • Assign the Mode Auto to all ports where SIP telephones shall be connected and assign the Discovery Protocol OUI.
4. Navigate to the menu Maintenance → Save/Restore → Save Start und save the configuration as Start Configuration.

The Start Configuration is saved boot persistent in the device. Thus the configuration is also available after a reboot or a power outage.

5. To check the function switch to the menu Configuration → VLAN → Switch Status.