This document describes how to apply for the classification or reclassification of a website in case one or more of the associated categories do not match the actual content.
    If a website is classified as belonging to a category that is blocked by the Content Filter, its content is inaccessible from the local network. The web browser merely displays information from the Content Filter.



1) Start a web browser and open the online form for the (re)classification of a website.

2) In the search box, enter the URL of the web page you want to check (eg.

3) When the URL is found, click the Contribute button.

4) Wenn Sie neue Klassifizierungen hinzufügen oder bestehende entfernen möchten, können Sie dazu auf die Schaltfläche Neue Kategorie für diese URL vorschlagen klicken.

5) Specify one or more new category in the fields.

6) Click Submit to send the new categorization suggestion.