To keep support costs as low as possible, the LANCOM Advanced VPN Client has a graphical user interface and a range of services, including a parameter lock.

Client configurations for users or groups of users can be centrally managed by network administrators. The parameter lock prevents subsequent manipulation, whether intentional or due to misuse.



1. Open the configuration locking window with the menu Configuration -> Configuration locks.

2. To effectively set the configuration locks, an ID must be entered, which consists of the user ID and password. The password must also be confirmed.

Please note that the ID for the configuration lock is absolutely necessary, in order to activate or remove a configuration lock. If you forget the ID, there is no way to revoke the locks.

3. Subsequently, it is possible to limit user permissions for opening main menu items under Configuration. By default, the user can open all menu items and can edit configurations.

If the check mark corresponding to a menu item is removed by clicking on it, the user can no longer open this item.

    4. Editing rights for the parameters in the profile settings are divided into two sections :
  • General rights:
    The general rights only refer to the configuration of the profiles. For example, if Authorized to create new profiles is allowed, but Authorized to configure profiles is excluded, new profiles can be defined using the wizard, but subsequent modification of individual parameters is not possible.

  • Visible parameter folders:
    The parameter fields in the profile settings can be hidden from the user. Please note that parameters for an invisible field cannot be configured.

5. When using a 3G/4G networking card, the tab Mobile Network allows the user to save the SIM PIN.

In the default settings for the LANCOM Advanced VPN Client, this function is not visible. It becomes visible and configurable for the user if the permission is granted by activating the User may save SIM PIN in configuration.