This document describes how to migrate the configuration from a LANCOM 8011 VPN router to a LANCOM 9100 VPN. The LANCOM 8011 VPN has 5 Ethernet ports (4 x LAN & 1x WAN) while the LANCOM 9100 VPN only has 4 Ethernet ports.

If the operation of a LANCOM 8011 VPN includes the use of its WAN port, then when migrating the router configuration to a LANCOM 9100 VPN, one of the four Ethernet ports on the LANCOM 9100 VPN must be reconfigured to act as a WAN port.


Before carrying out the migration, ensure that the same firmware version is active on both LANCOM routers.


1) Back up the configuration of the LANCOM 8011 VPN by saving it as a script file in LANconfig (Configuration management -> Save script as file...).

2) In the dialog that follows, set the location to save the script file and give it a different file name, if need be. The default options for saving the script can be left unchanged.

Click on the Save button.

The options for saving a script have the following meanings:
    • Numeric sections:
      This option means that the sections in the script are shown numerically.
    • Default parameters:
      Normally the only settings to be downloaded are those that deviate from the default values. This option causes the default values to be downloaded as well.
    • Column names:
      Normally tables are filled first by describing the columns with the TAB command and then by filling out each line with a SET command containing only those values which are to be set. If this option is activated, the columns of the table are not described by the TAB command, but instead each table SET command contains the column identifiers.
    • Comments:
      This option adds additional comments.
    • Compact format:
      This option produces output in a compact format. This suppresses spaces and tabs.
    • Download only selected sections:
      Here you can select the sections of the configuration to be downloaded. Enter nothing if you wish to download the whole setup. If you define sections here, only these will be downloaded.

      The individual section names are separated by / or \. There is no distinction between uppercase and lowercase letters. Sections can also be separated by spaces. An expression could look like this:

      setup/wlan setup/vlan setup/accounting setup/http/

3) Transfer the newly created script file into the LANCOM 9100 VPN (Configuration management -> Restore script from file...).

4) After uploading the script file, the LANCOM 9100 VPN can be contacted at local IP address that was used by the LANCOM 8011 VPN.

5) Open the configuration dialog for the LANCOM 9100 VPN and switch to the Interfaces -> WAN menu. Check here whether the WAN interface has been activated (DSL-1 in this example).

6) Switch to the LAN tab. The Ethernet port to which the DSL modem is connected is to be set as the WAN interface.

7) In this example, the external DSL modem is connected to the Ethernet port ETH 4, and the WAN Interface being used is DSL-1. Therefore, you must assign port ETH 4 to the interface DSL-1.

8) Close the dialog with OK and write the new configuration back to the LANCOM 9100 VPN. The configuration steps are now complete and the Internet connection is ready for use.