When installing LANCOM devices with a plastic desktop housing (e.g. LANCOM 17xx, LANCOM L-82x, LANCOM L-32x), the following should be observed in order to avoid defects from excessive temperature build-up:

1) Do not stack devices on top of one another

Stacking the devices leads to the quick build-up of very high temperatures, which damage the electronics and can even deform the plastic housing.

Devices with a VDSL modem are particularly prone to high temperatures.

2) Do not cover up the devices

Covering up the devices hinders the cooling through the air intakes. The lack of cooling allows high temperatures to build-up quickly, which can damage the device.

How to improve cooling with high ambient temperatures
  • You should always ensure that ambient temperatures comply with the minimum and maximum values indicated on the data sheet of the device.
  • Especially during the summer months, ambient temperatures can often be very high. One option would be to install the equipment in an air-conditioned room.

    As this is not always an option, it helps to position the devices upright for better ventilation.

    If you do so, make sure that the device is positioned so that the air inlets on the supporting surface are not covered up.