In the event of a lightning strike, electrical devices can be damaged or even destroyed by direct or indirect overvoltage, even if they are switched off.

This document provides some useful tips on how to protect your LANCOM products and other electrically powered devices.
  • The best protection is to disconnect all devices from the power and telephone network during a thunderstorm. Simply unplug the power cables. After the thunderstorm, switch the devices back on and check all functions.
  • In the ideal case your electrical installation is already protected with type-2 surge protection (medium protection).
  • You should also use additional multi-plug sockets with integrated surge protection for fine protection (surge protection type 3). Look for the VDE or VDS mark of conformity. For further information please refer to your electrical retailer.
  • Telephone sockets (RJ45/ISDN) with integrated surge protection are an additional safeguard. DSL surge protection devices are available from retailers, which can also be grounded. Here, too, the electrical retailers can help with the selection of suitable products.
    • If your installation is splitterless, be sure to use the signature cable included with every LANCOM router with an integrated VDSL modem, which prevents damage to the VDSL modem due to overvoltage.

Surge arrestor for WLAN installations in combination with a LANCOM outdoor WLAN antenna (ON):

Protecting components from the consequences of lightning strikes and other electrostatic influences is a vital aspect in the design and installation of WLAN systems for outdoor use. The AirLancer SN-ANT is required for all outdoor installations with a LANCOM outdoor WLAN antenna (ON).

The AirLancer SN-ANT is installed between the access point and the antenna. It reduces the current surges that can occur even if outdoor lightning-protection equipment is installed, as even partial discharges are capable of damaging the sensitive WLAN modules in access points.

LAN-side surge arrestor AirLancer SN-LAN:

Protection from overvoltages is an essential aspect for trouble-free network operation, as power surges from lightning strikes regularly cause costly damage to network infrastructures.

The Airlancer SN-LAN is a surge arrestor that reduces the overvoltages by means of a controlled short circuit, and thus reliably protects the network against damage from overvoltage.

PoE compatibility to IEEE 802.3af and IEEE 802.3at along with its RJ45 connectors minimizes the effort required for installation.