The LANCOM Content Filter uses categories to perform URL-based filtering of access requests. These categories can be used, for example, to prevent access to pornographic content.

However, this does not prevent pornographic content from appearing, say, in the preview of a Google image search. This is because these images are delivered by Google and, to compound the issue, the search query also uses SSL.

Google, like other search engines, provides an option to filter out these search results by means of a SafeSearch feature. This document describes how you force the use of Google SafeSearch with LANCOM routers.



1) In LANconfig, open the configuration dialog for the LANCOM router and switch to the menu item Configuration -> IPv4 -> DNS filter/aliases -> Aliases list.

2) Click on the Add button to configure a new alias.

3) In the Alias name box, enter the Google URL which is to be replaced by the SafeSearch function. To use wildcards, enter a question mark (?). Each? represents a letter.

The entry created in the following window would enforce SafeSearch for all URLs with a 2-character top-level domain (e.g.

4) In the field Canonical name, to use Google SafeSearch you enter the CNAME "".

    You may wish to set additional alias entries to prevent SafeSearch from being bypassed simply by entering other Google URLs.

5) Write the configuration back to the LANCOM router.