Description: With time-limited LANCOM device-option licenses (such as the LANCOM Content Filter), it is helpful to receive a reminder (e.g. by e-mail) before the license expires so that an update or renewal can be organized in good time.

This document describes how to configure the expiry reminders for time-limited LANCOM device options.



1) Open the configuration for the device in LANconfig and switch to the menu item Log & trace -> General.

2) If you would like to be informed about the expiry of the licenses by e-mail, go to the section E-mail addresses and enter the corresponding address in the field E-mail for license expiry reminder.
    • Please note that successful e-mail transmission requires the settings to be configured under Log & trace -> SMTP account. Instructions are available in the following Knowledge Base document .

If a license is approaching expiry, notifications are sent 30 days, 7 days and 1 day before it expires via SNMP trap, SYSLOG and (if configured) by e-mail. Notifications are sent:
    • by SNMP trap on the corresponding line of the LCOS table under /Status/Config/Features
    • by e-mail to the address, which is configured in the dialog shown above (or under the LCOS path /Setup/Config/License-Expiry-Email). If the text box is empty, no e-mail will be sent.
    • as a SYSLOG message with the source LOCAL2/Admin and the level Alert. Notification via SYSLOG is disabled by default.