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This document describes how to configure a QoS priority for specific DSCO/TOS values on a LANCOM GS-2326 switch.
In this example, all ports are to prioritize packets with the DSCP flags CS5 and CS6.

QoS always affects at least two ports, the port where the frame is received (ingress port) and the port on which the frame is sent (egress port).
Accordingly, a QoS configuration is always carried out for two or more ports.



1) Using a web browser, open the configuration for the LANCOM switch.

2) In the configuration menu QoS -> QoS Control List you have the option of configuring multiple DSCP/TOS priorities for different ports.

To add a new entry, click on the blue + symbol.

3) This opens in a new window. Here, you select the ports that this entry applies to. In this example all ports are selected.

4) Next, go to Key Parameters and set the desired Frame Type. In this example, the entry should prioritize IPv4 frames.

5) This opens a sub-menu for the selected frame type.

Here you set DSCP to the value Specific and select the desired DSCP flag 40 (CS5).

6) With the filters selected, you now specify an action under Action Parameters. In this example, the packets are prioritized with the QoS Class 5.

7) The entry is included in the QoS list by clicking Apply.

8) In order to additionally prioritize the DSCP flag CS6 on all ports, add another entry to the list.

9) To do this, repeat steps 3 through 7 and in step 5, select the DSCP value 48 (CS6). The list now contains an entry for each DSCP value.

10) In order for the settings to be saved as boot persistent, go to the Maintenance -> Save/restore menu and save the configuration as the start configuration.