This guide describes how you can check whether a software option has been activated properly in the LANCOM router.

Procedure with LANconfig:

To check whether activation was successful, start LANconfig and highlight the entry for the device. Right-click on the device, select Properties and then select the Information tab.

If the option was set up correctly, you will find the name of the option in the Information list under Software options.

The following software options can be displayed there:
  • VPN Option
  • Fax Gateway
  • Public Spot
  • Public Spot PMS Accounting Plus Option
  • VoIP Advanced
  • Content Filter
  • WLC Public Spot
  • WLC Upgrade
  • WLC Basic Option for Routers
  • ALL-IP Option
  • VoIP+10 Option
  • High Availability Clustering Option
  • OAP VPN Option

Procedure with WEBconfig:

In WEBconfig, activated software options can be viewed by selecting the item LCOS Menu Tree -> Status -> Config and selecting the Features option there. This dialog displays all of the software options activated on this router.

Procedure with the console:

Open a Telnet or SSH session on the LANCOM router and enter at the command prompt ls/status/config/features to display a list of all software options activated on the LANCOM router.