This document describes how to configure a VPN connection between a LANCOM Advanced VPN Client and a LANCOM router where both networks use the same IP address range.



The router that provides dial-in access to the network with the same network address must be set up with an N:N mapping.

In this example, both networks have the network address

1) The following figure shows how N:N mapping is configured on the LANCOM router:

The source IP address is the network address of the LANCOM router. This network address is mapped to the network address Set the name of the destination remote site as the name of the VPN client dial-in as configured on the router.

2) In the Advanced VPN Client profile, manually assign an IP address from the mapped network. In this example the address is If you want to use the DNS server in that network, enter the appropriate data accordingly.

3) Finally, the entry for the VPN client dial-in in the routing table of the LANCOM router must be changed to the network address