When using a Plain Ethernet connection (IPoE respectively DHCPoE) access to the network of the upstream router from the internal network might become necessary, e.g. for administration of the upstream router. Albeit without an additional routing entry this isn't possible. 

This article describes how to gain access to the network of an upstream router by setting up an additional routing entry.



1) Open the router configuration in LANconfig and go to the menu IP Router → Routing → IPv4 routing table.

2) Make sure, that the block route for the network of the upstream router is deactivated (Enable state: Off), so that communication  won't be blocked by the router (in this example the block routes for all private address ranges have been deactivated).

3) Add a new entry and change the following parameters:

  • IP adress: Enter the network address of the upstream router.
  • Netmask: Enter the netmask of the upstream router.
  • Router: In the drop-down menu select the internet remote site of the Plain Ethernet connection.
  • IP masquerading: Leave the setting on masking Intranet and DMZ (default).

Make absolutely sure, that IP masquerading is active. As IP masquerading of a remote site is applied globally, otherwise packets destined for the internet are sent unmasked and therefore discarded by the provider! 

4) The configuration of the routing entry is thereby completed. Write the configuration back into the router.